samsung secret button

Samsung owners are in for a surprising revelation as they uncover a hidden button discreetly positioned on the back of their devices. This inconspicuous feature possesses a multitude of functionalities, ranging from activating Google Assistant to capturing screenshots. Consequently, Samsung users are being encouraged to harness the potential of this covert button.

Unlocking the Mystery: The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

The versatile Samsung Galaxy S22 series holds the key to unraveling the capabilities concealed within this enigmatic switch. By delving into the depths of your device’s settings, you can unearth a host of impressive functionalities attributed to this secret button.

Exploring the Possibilities: What Can You Do?
Let’s delve into the array of actions that can be accomplished with this covert button:

  1. Capture and Share: Seamlessly take screenshots and share them with ease.
  2. Summon Google Assistant: Activate the ever-helpful Google Assistant at your command.
  3. Initiating Pop-Up Windows: Experience multitasking prowess by starting pop-up windows effortlessly.
  4. App Launching: Instantly open your favorite applications with a single press.
  5. Notification Showcase: Conveniently display and access notifications at your convenience.
  6. Navigating Recent Apps: Seamlessly browse and switch between recently used applications.
  7. Back Button Functionality: Emulate the functionality of the back button for smoother navigation.

Unveiling the Hidden Potential

To unlock the true potential of this concealed button, Samsung users can leverage the Good Lock app, a native Samsung application that grants access to more intricate device settings. Within the Good Lock app, users can download an additional app called RegiStar, found under the “Life Up” tab.

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Configuration Steps:
To activate the hidden button, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download & launch the Good Lock app here.
  2. Open the RegiStar app within the Good Lock interface.
  3. Access the “Settings Extensions” section and locate the “Back-Tap” option.
  4. Enable the toggle for the Back-Tap action button on the subsequent page.
  5. Double-tap on the “Double Tap” setting and assign an action to this gesture.
  • Take advantage of app launching, feature access, or menu navigation where supported.
  1. Further enhance your device’s functionality by assigning a different action to the “Triple Tap” setting.

Seamless Execution: Harnessing the Power of the Back Tap Gesture

Once you have configured the actions for the Back Tap gesture, executing them becomes effortless. Simply double-tap or triple-tap the back of your Samsung device with your fingertips to trigger the assigned actions. This streamlined process enables you to perform various actions swiftly and intuitively.


Unveiling the secret button on Samsung devices opens up a realm of possibilities, granting users newfound convenience and control over their smartphones. By utilizing the Good Lock app and configuring the RegiStar app, Samsung owners can tap into the hidden capabilities of their devices, revolutionizing their smartphone experience. Embrace the power at your fingertips and unlock a world of possibilities with the secret button on your Samsung device.

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